BoSoma Dance Co (dancer)
Benefits of Aqua Aerobics:
The water’s buoyancy decreases weight bearing and joint compression, along with reducing the fear of falling, it is great for anyone who wants to exercise without injury.
Between 75% and 90% of the body’s weight is supported due to buoyancy (chest vs. neck immersion)
Because water is denser than air, it adds resistance during aqua exercises, which results in rapid toning of body muscles
Improved cardio-vascular conditioning is one of the most important health benefits of water aerobics; higher levels of HDL (good) cholesterol and healthy blood circulation, along with a steady heart rate during workout, are also “benefits”
Concentration on specific muscle groups is safe and effective
Calories burned per half hour of water aerobics exceeds that of land exercise; average Kilo calories burned for 30 minutes of land: 135K; average Kilo Calories burned for 30 minutes of water: 264 (between 400 and 700K burned for one hour is possible with high level, intensive sessions)
Flexibility and balance improves, with a greater range of motion capable in the water
The water maintains a constant body temperature throughout exercise, and prevents overheating; cooling effect of the water reduces the workload of the heart
Water aerobics tones, strengthens, lengthens, increases rotation and flexibility, and can even heal or treat certain physical conditions, such as arthritis
Water aerobics is fun! Conducted and performed in a group setting with music helps concentration